Ingrid Wendt--Poet/Teacher/Editor

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1. Poetry
"These poems, full of feeling, reward the reader with their musicality and wit. ... The first and last poems are capstones of a rich collection. -- Maxine Kumin
"There is such a bounty of startling grace and wisdom in Ingrid Wendt's new book, that the reader can only be stunned by, and grateful for, this abundance." --Maurya Simon
"These poems, shaped by tender and exacting labor, have the heft of hewn stone and the lift of blown glass."
-Marilyn Krysl
"This is wonderful poetry--moving and unforgettable.
-Janet McCann
"Ingrid Wendt has a powerful, womanly feel for the intertwinings of love, pleasure, grief."
-Alicia Ostriker
Selected by William Stafford for the New Poets of America Series, BOA Editions
2. Magazine Articles
Read Ingrid Wendt's article published in the March, 2011, online newsletter of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
3. Teaching guide
Now in its 5th printing, this teaching guide for grades K-college has been adopted by teachers and school districts nationwide and abroad.
4. Anthology/Textbook
“An important contribution to the resurrection of the lost history of women in the arts.”
-Publishers Weekly
5. Anthology
“... confirms Oregon’s place as a powerful outpost in Northwest literature.”
-Paul Pintarich, The Oregonian


Poetry in the Classroom

Foreign Travel and Teaching Experience

What Others Say


Ingrid Wendt is frequently invited to:

•Give readings & workshops at
      colleges and universities, libraries, community centers
• Make National Writing Project presentations
• Deliver keynote addresses
• Speak at conferences
• Provide inservice training for teachers
• Teach writing in schools and other institutions

Professional Experience:

• See Events page for specifics through 2007 (needs updating)
• Over 150 readings and presentations nationwide and overseas
• Twenty-eight years artist-in-education - 180 schools in Oregon,
  Washington, Utah, Illinois, Iowa, Germany
• College and university teaching, guest lectureships
• Antioch University MFA Program
• Senior Fulbright Professorship, Germany
• College and university teaching: poetry writing, women’s studies,
  literature, composition, adult education

Special Interests:
      • Teacher training
      • Bilingual Education – able to teach in Spanish
      • At-risk students
      • Science and social studies as springboards for writing
      • Multicultural and contemporary poetry
      • Poetry and the environment
      • Feminist studies

Awards Include:
      • Distinguished Achievement Award, 2006, Cornell
          College (given to 2 alumni from class of 1966)
      • Editions Prize, 2004 (WordTech Editions)
      • Yellowglen Award, 2003 (Word Press)
      • Oregon Book Award
      • Wurlitzer Foundation Award
      • Carolyn Kizer Award
      • Residency award, Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany
      • D.H. Lawrence Fellowship
      • Mary Anderson Center Fellow

Poetry in The Classroom

Poetry in The Classroom

Ingrid Wendt's 30 years with state-funded Arts-in-Education programs have taken her into hundreds of classrooms in Oregon, Iowa, Utah, Washington, and Illinois, where she has worked with many thousands of students, grades K-12. Her one-day to three-week school residencies offer students access into modern poetry and the opportunity to see how poems can grow out of their own lives. In each class she presents selected poems that will help students overcome their fears and dislikes of poetry, and illustrate ways poets use words to give us new ways of seeing or feeling. Using these poems as models, students write free-verse poems of their own, which Ingrid collects and reads back to them, respecting each writer's creation and offering encouragement.

By focusing on process, rather than product, even the most reluctant students discover the satisfaction and pleasure of writing poems. Students develop skills, confidence, and appreciation for the poetry of others, they are introduced to a vocabulary with which to discuss traditions in poetry, they are exposed to poetry from different world cultures, and they experiment in using elements of poetry (such as metaphor and patterns of repetition) that carry over into other areas of writing across the curriculum.

Whether the visit is once only, or for a more intensive sequence of visits, her goal is to offer inspiration, skills and confidence to students of all ages, whatever their previous writing experience. Ingrid has experience in teaching classes in Spanish.

Teacher workshops are designed for teachers at all grade levels to use the guide Starting with Little Things. Aimed at demystifying the process of teaching poetry, and to help teachers feel more comfortable with their own writing, the workshops begin with ways to get past "writer's block" and to involve participants in some in-workshop writing experiments. Teachers will discover ways to adapt the lessons to their own needs and interests, and will discover sequential writing assignments to introduce their students to basic structural elements in poetry, as well as to help students free their imaginations and enjoy the writing process.

Possible formats include: 1) Classroom visits--once only, or repeat visits (5-10 times) to the same classes, for a period of one to two weeks; 2) Classroom visits for one half day, one or two full days, combined with an after-school inservice; 3) Teacher inservice only, after school or on a weekend. Length of teacher workshops vary according to interest and need, with a minimum length of one hour.

Ingrid is open to other suggestions. Please inquire.

Foreign Teaching and Travel Experience

American born, the daughter of a German-Chilean father and German-American mother, Ingrid Wendt has spent numerous periods of extended living abroad. She has twice traveled to Chile, where she was an exchange student in 1964. Comfortable with speaking, reading, and lecturing in Spanish, Ingrid is able to teach bi-lingual classes, to work one-on-one with Spanish-speaking students, and to introduce all students to Latin and South American poetry in translation.

Since 1983, Wendt has traveled extensively in Western Europe. Conversant in Italian and German, she has resided at the Rockefeller Foundation's Study and Conference Center in Bellagio, Italy; lectured, presented workshops, and read her poems in many locations in Germany and Italy; attended an international writers' festival in Finland; lived for three months in Troms, Norway; and lived twice, for five and then eleven months, in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 1994-95, Wendt was a senior Fulbright professor at the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where she introduced a semester-long course -- for students in the departments of Education and American Studies, and for local English language teachers -- in the pedagogy of poetry writing in the classroom. Additionally, Wendt conducted classroom residencies with upper-level high school English language classes in Freidrichsdorf, Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany, and – under the auspices of the Amerika Haus/​USIS program -- presented teacher workshops in six different regions of Germany.

In 1996, the German publisher of educational materials Ernst Klett Schulbuchverlag (Stuttgart) purchased, for European distribution, 1000 copies of Wendt's book Starting with Little Things: A Guide to Writing Poetry in the Classroom. These copies have sold out, and more have been ordered. A bilingual (Italian- English) edition of Wendt's second book of poems, Singing the Mozart Requiem, was been published in 1995 by Multimedia Editions, of Salerno, Italy.

In September 1999, Wendt visited middle- and high-school classes at the Frankfurt International School (Oberursel) and the European School in Karlsruhe. German high school (Gymnasium) students attended Wendt’s workshops at Karlsruhe’s American Library. Also in September, Wendt presented teacher workshops 1) in Frankfurt, sponsored by Ernst Klett Schulbuchverlag; 2) in Oberursel, at the Frankfurt International School, and 3) in Stadthagen, near Hannover, sponsored by the Northwestern branch of the German teachers union.

Recent acceptance into the roster of the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program has led to an invitation from the University of Freiburg, Germany, for the month of June. Through this program she is available for future two- to six-week visiting scholar appointments – which can include meeting classes, lecturing, attending conferences, consulting, assisting with curriculum development, poetry readings, working with student publications, etc. – in any country with a Fulbright office.

What Others Say

“Ingrid is poised, articulate, and relaxed as she orchestrates workshop activities and helps participants to write poems. I would say she ranks in the top 5% of consultants who have visited our project in its twenty-four year history. She has had a similar long-standing relationship with the Oregon Writing Project. ... Teachers leave her workshops thinking, “Wow, this is fun – I can do this!”
– Bill Strong, Professor & Director, Utah Writing Project

“In the Spring of 2000, Ms. Wendt served as a poet-in-residence in ... our rural county elementary schools. Her obvious literary talent, work ethic, love of children, concern for quality, flexibility, and popularity with teachers and school administrators will no doubt make her a permanent fixture of our Skagit River Poetry Project.”
- Kathy Shoop, Curriculum Coordinator, La Conner School District, Washington

“The Saturday workshops for teachers were very well attended, and regarded as extremely valuable. ... As we wrote poems, she would read them and always find something – a word or phrase – to compliment which made us believe that we actually had talent. Most beneficial ... was the immediate application of her techniques to the classroom.”
– Karen Siegler, teacher, Jordan High School

“Ingrid has worked several terms in the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Antioch University Los Angeles. I have found her work with students to be absolutely of the highest quality. Ingrid has an extensive professional background as a writer and editor, and she brings those gifts and skills to work with students. She is generous with her time and acumen, and student evaluations of her work are studded with high praise for her dedication to their learning both the craft and the emotional side of being a writer.”
– Eloise Klein Healy, Chair, MFA in Creative Writing Program

You taught us how to show
        our feelings
    With the force of waves
        Pounding into the shore
        - David, grade 7


To contact Ingrid Wendt directly:

35 Westbrook Way
Eugene, Oregon 97405
541-343-5101 (Pacific Time)